Mantua VFW Vows To Rebuild After Sunday's Powerful Storm Topples Community Pavilion

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: With assessing the damage following a storm that blew through our area. Eyewitness News reporter Dan Koob is in Mantua. And Dan, paint the picture for us of the damage there in Gloucester County, please.

DAN KOOB: Ukee, years of volunteer work and $50,000 of donated, fundraised money came toppling down last night, as a local VFW now has to figure out where to go from here. This was not how it was supposed to go.

MIKE KERR: You cry a little, and then figure out how we're going to get it back in.

DAN KOOB: The Mantua VFW years into planning and fundraising for a community pavilion saw its roof blown over by Sunday's strong storm, taking with it countless hours, years of volunteer work.

MIKE KERR: To see everything that they did come crashing down is where it punches you in the stomach.

DAN KOOB: The very top of the pavilion was 16 feet high. So when the wind pushed it over, it took almost everything with it. The next step is trying to figure out which pieces are salvageable.

MIKE KERR: The plates were ripped right out of the bolts. The bolts and the washers are still in the concrete. And I don't know what the wind was like last night, but it just ripped it right out of there.

DAN KOOB: Mike Kerr is the VFW commander here. He shared with us this picture taken Sunday before the storm, as volunteers were readying to begin the final phase of the build, putting on its roof. The National Weather Service tells us winds in the Delaware Valley, including South Jersey, reached 60 to 70 miles per hour at one point, also ripping the roof off a Neptune, New Jersey motel. Kerr says a community of veterans have vowed to rebuild. They just have to figure out how.

MIKE KERR: I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was when I began. When you look at a-- when you look at a picture, you still see a lot of the structure there. But you don't register that it's on the ground until you get here.

DAN KOOB: The VFW has started a GoFundMe page. You can find a link to that website and that effort on our website, Live this evening, Dan Koob, CBS 3, Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: And Dan, power lines.