As many as 30 shell casings found after 8-year-old boy shot in Chicago

A boy who was shot in the leg in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood was an unintended target, according to police.

Video Transcript

JENNA BARNES: Larry and Robin, that shooting happened just a couple of miles away from here. And police tell us, the little boy's family brought him here after he was shot.

- Now, we're just trying to confirm. You were in [? M ?] with the victim?

- For a eight-year-old shot in the right leg.

- Police say the eight-year-old was standing on the sidewalk in the city's Lawndale neighborhood, the 1,800 block of South Kildare just after 6:00 last night when someone came up and started shooting. We're told there were other people outside, too, and it's likely this boy was not the intended target. Our crew at the scene spotted more than 30 shell casings and evidence markers in the street. The latest information from police is that the boy was hit in the knee and is considered stable. Victims advocate, Andrew Holmes, is asking the shooter to turn themselves in.

ANDREW HOLMES: He had a right to be outside without you discharging that weapon and that weapon hitting him in his body. So we are asking, again, who has the heart to come up and say, OK, this is the person that shot the baby? And then when the person shoots the baby, we need the state's attorney to come on with it, and start charging these individuals.

- Police say, so far, no one is in custody. We're live at Mount Sinai Hospital. Jenna Barnes, WGN News.