Many on board in Luzerne County with recreational weed legalization

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LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Governor Josh Shapiro wants to legalize recreational marijuana so the state can generate more income. 28/22 News Reporter Iyee Jagne hit the streets Wednesday to find out what the public thinks about this.

I was around luzerne county today getting some opinions on the proposed legalization, and many are on board and say PA needs to catch up with its neighboring states.

On Tuesday during his budget proposal address, Governor Shapiro talked about the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, saying that compared to our neighboring states, the community is losing out on millions.

“Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland practically all of our neighbors have legalized marijuana we are losing out on an industry that once fully implemented, would bring in more than 250 million dollars annual revenue,” Shapiro explained.

Some people in Luzerne County agree.

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“Well, I feel that the government would be foolish not to legalize it because of the money involved you know you got that all kinds of occurrence bridges breaking down potholes everywhere,” said Glen Lyon resident Dwaine Knapp.

With all that extra money, another man feels that it could go toward roads and schools.

“I think we’re way behind everybody else like the money that could be made and put in different programs like the roads to schools it should just be wasted,” said Timothey Chitswara of Nanticoke.

He also believes it could help those who need it for medicinal purposes but don’t have health insurance.

“I have tremors memory problems, anxiety all that and I don’t like taking normal medicine and this is all natural,” Chitswara continued.

One man says he’s all for it because he says there’s been things that are much worse for the body.

“You know what? Beer’s worse, alcohol is actually worse than marijuana because the only thing you wanna do when you get high to eat a peanut butter sandwich, go to bed,” Knapp stated.

Kingston resident Alan Frank says he thinks that marijuana use is glorified.

“It seems to be over-commercialized and over glorified and um I think there should be a little more discussion,” said Frank.

If the proposed legalization is passed, it could bring in millions for the state.

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