How many calories do you burn cleaning the house?

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From Prima

Love it or hate it, cleaning around the house will not only make your living environment cleaner and tidier, but healthier and more productive too.

Research from Dr. Beckmann's Cleaning and Laundry Bible reveals that one in three Brits clean every day and only 10 per cent do household chores once a month.

And when are we most likely to clean? Monday is the most popular weekday to clean around the home, and Brits are most likely to clean during the day at the weekend, their research finds.

But being a domestic god or goddess doesn't just benefit your home – it's good for your body, too. Nearly nine in 10 of us work up a sweat whilst completing domestic duties. Take a look at the most calorie-consuming tasks below:

Ironing: 90 calories per hour

Changing bed sheets: 114 calories per hour

Doing the dishes: 95 calories per hour

Deep cleaning the bathroom: 145 calories per hour

Hoovering: 153 calories per hour

Mopping: 168 calories per hour

So the next time you're cleaning, just think about all the calories you're burning!

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