Many children among scores killed in Indonesia quake

STORY: Bed after bed at this hospital in Indonesia’s West Java are children injured in Monday’s earthquake.

Among them is Siti Fatimah’s daughter.

She says her daughter was walking to the bathroom when the earthquake struck. A wall collapsed on her from the neck down, only leaving her daughter’s head visible.

Her daughter suffered burns from a water heater.

More than 260 people are dead from Monday (November 21) afternoon’s 5.6-magnitude quake that struck Cianjur, about 45 miles southeast of Jakarta.

Many of the victims are children. And there are concerns that number could continue to rise.

Over 150 people are still missing as rescuers comb through the rubble left behind. Electricity outages and 145 aftershocks have complicated rescue efforts.

Officials are also warning about the possibility of landslides in the coming weeks.