Many North Texas Teenagers Securing COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments

With the state opening up eligibility requirements and allowing all Texans 16 and up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, some teens are already securing appointments.

Video Transcript

- Today, Texas opened up COVID-19 vaccinations, as you probably know by now, to anybody over the age of 16. Yes, priority still is being given to the people who are 80 years of age or older and others who are considered most at risk. Our Erin Jones, though, leads our coverage today at 5:00 looking at teenagers who are now eligible for the shot.

ERIN JONES: As a part of Carroll High School's varsity wrestling team, every time 17-year-old Anshul Desai gets on the mat maskless, he worries he might catch COVID-19.

ANSHUL DESAI: I think that's kind of like a natural thing. Like, hey, I'm about to wrestle.

ERIN JONES: Getting a vaccine has been a top priority.

NIRAJ DESAI: Since he's in a close contact sport with so many other kids, I think it makes more sense to get him sooner than waiting for it.

ERIN JONES: As soon as Texas announced those 16 and older are eligible to receive one, Desai's parents attempted to get him an appointment, but could only find one out in Ellis county.

NIRAJ DESAI: I think it's about an hour or almost about an hour from here.

ERIN JONES: This afternoon, Desai got his Pfizer vaccine, the only COVID-19 vaccine currently available for those 16 and 17.

ANSHUL DESAI: So it being this early, it's somewhat shocking, but also like, OK, finally. OK, finally I'm gonna be able to get this vaccine.

NIRAJ DESAI: I am super excited. I think it's super beneficial just from his personal health care, also from the community health care, right? Because it helps like stop or reduce the spread of the COVID.

ERIN JONES: What advice do you have to other parents who are trying to find vaccines for their teens?

NIRAJ DESAI: I would say definitely look up and explore ideas. It's definitely worth it to drive a little bit longer, go a little extra mile.

ANSHUL DESAI: Hopefully get some level of normalcy to where you can still be like not afraid of, oh, my god, are we gonna get the vacc-- are we gonna get sick? Are we gonna get COVID? Kind of like getting back to how life was before COVID.

ERIN JONES: In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS11 News.