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Many Still Searching For Vaccine Appointments As Health Officials Try To Convince Others To Get It

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While some people are sharing ideas on how to get the vaccine, health experts were wondering how to make more want it.

Video Transcript

- Well, tonight, we're taking a look at the new vaccination phase, as well as the guidance for Easter as restrictions start to ease. We begin with Alan Gionet on the vaccination effort, and Alan, Colorado has made good progress. But we do have a long way to go.

ALAN GIONET: Well, that's true, Karen. You know, experts have said, we're going to need about 70% of our population or more vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity. And while vaccine confidence is growing, there still don't seem to be quite that many people who seem to want it, which means everybody who wants the vaccine has to get it and then some.

- I'm excited to get this done.

- I know.

- Another step closer. Drew [? Welshimer ?] got right on his eligibility at this Denver Safeway.

- It took a lot of research, took a lot of websites to find the right one that actually could get you in, but spend a little bit of time doing it. And you're there.

- It's taken Riley Parker a lot longer.

RILEY PARKER: I've been trying to do it for a couple of months now, and it's been hard to get an appointment.

- Ensuring it's easy enough will be essential, says health policy expert Glen Mays, especially in hard to reach groups.

GLEN MAYS: Racial and ethnic minority populations, low-income populations, rural populations that may have fewer degrees of freedom in terms of where to go.

- The 70 plus is not fully vaccinated yet. They're still out.

- They're not at all fully vaccinated.

- James Barnes of Benefits In Action helps many older people find the vaccine. Transportation and online issues are a barrier, but opening it to all means families can now go together.

JAMES BARNES: it just made so much sense to me to be able to really think about let's get a whole community vaccinated. Let's not pick and choose who gets to be vaccinated.

- Macy's public campaign's coming to get Colorado to herd immunity.

- We've got to get this population vaccinated to really begin to see the end to this pandemic, but I think our younger adults, some segments of them, are going to be a tougher sell.

- But not these two.

- It literally was 30 minutes out of my afternoon and fairly easy to do.

- Go get your shots.

- Barnes says it is probably best to make sure that there are vaccine clinics in places, where people are most comfortable, where their friends might want to go with them and get vaccines, like at churches. And Mays says that there is some evidence that there is a growing percentage of people hospitalized at a younger age. Those maybe around 50, middle aged, possibly, because of the severity of the variants. And if the variants get more severe and the trouble more realistic, maybe there'll be more demand for vaccines. In Denver, I'm Alan Gionet, covering Colorado first.

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