‘In so many ways, I’m scared,’ says grandmother whose home was shot into

A grandmother’s west Charlotte home was riddled with bullet holes after a shooting over the weekend.

Police said the incident, which happened Saturday evening on Wildwood Avenue near Hovis Road, was completely random.

The grandmother, Janet Jones, spoke to Channel 9′s Hunter Sáenz on Monday and said she’s blessed to be alive. She said around 7 p.m. Saturday, she was going to bed when bullets sprayed all over her home.

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“In so many ways, I’m scared,” Jones said.

She described the traumatizing moments to Sáenz.

“I heard something go ‘pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,’” Jones said. “So I threw the cover over my head and I was praying for whoever they were shooting at, not knowing they were shooting at my house.”

She showed Sáenz the damage Monday. Some of the bullet holes had splintered through the wood above her porch, and others pierced through a netting below.

“If you asked me, I thought it was a machine gun,” Jones said.

The bullets appeared to have shattered parts of Jones’ door and about a dozen other bullet holes were on the wood framing of her front door, including a piece of a bullet lodged in it. The bullets flew inside, too.

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“There was wood all over the floor from the front door. My television took a hit,” she said.

Jones is rattled knowing bullets traveled across her living room, the same room where her grandkids were just hours earlier.

“I just thank God because, you know, I was lucky,” Jones said.

Sunlight now streams through the holes that the gunfire left behind, and she told Sáenz she has had enough. Now, she is looking at her options to see if she can move.

“Only thing I can do is pray,” Jones said.

Jones doesn’t know who did this, but said it seemed like a neighbor was having some sort of party Saturday night. She said all she heard was a car speeding off after the shots were fired.

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