MARC approves 2024 budget

Nov. 20—The Montour Area Recreation Commission accepted its proposed budget for the next year Monday night.

MARC, which has struggled financially for years, proposed a plan for 2024 that would result in a $20,000 surplus.

"There will be a lot of changes from last year to this year," MARC Director Bob Stoudt said during the commission's meeting Monday.

Proposed spending, which included maintenance of the various properties under the commission's care as well as staff payments, totaled $1,008,700.

Anticipated income totaled $1,028,700. The largest expected source of income was from the Montour County Hotel Tax, which was recently amended to provide MARC with more funding. The commission anticipates $240,000 from the tax grants next year.

MARC anticipates spending the most money on the Montour Preserve, which has caused most of the commission's financial struggle over the years. According to the budget, the commission expects to spend $343,850 on the property.

Other projects with high price tags will be the Hess Recreation Area at an anticipated $221,900 and the Hopewell Park Pump Track Construction at an anticipated $210,000.

The board also approved next year's events, which will include Girls ROC Camps, the Dirty Grin Mountain Bike Festival, Montour Preserve Maple Sugaring and the Monthly Hike Series.