March Madness: BC Head Coach Earl Grant Previews Houston-Baylor Final Four Matchup

Houston or Baylor? Boston College hoops coach Earl Grant joins Steve Burton to preview Saturday's Final Four matchup between the Cougars and Bears?

Video Transcript

STEVE BURTON: Well, here we go, Final Four. Houston-Baylor, UCLA-Gonzaga. Who knew it would be these four?

EARL GRANT: Wow, well, I had Gonzaga and Baylor right, and I think you guys asked me for my prediction a couple of weeks ago. So I had Gonzaga and Baylor right. Gonzaga hadn't lost at all, but I think Baylor maybe only lost once. So I felt like those two were capable of getting there.

And then UCLA, I wasn't sure they could get there, but I know we had a conversation [? and ?] [? think ?] about the tempo and the style of play. And I said, whoever can control the tempo. UCLA wants to slow it down, the opponent wants to speed it up. They won the tempo battle, and here they are in the Final Four.

STEVE BURTON: How does Houston and Baylor-- let's start with them first-- how do they match up?

EARL GRANT: Whew, That's a good one there. Again, you can't count out Kelvin Sampson. His teams really, really defend you, and they rebound the first miss. And they send four to the offensive glass. It's a very gritty bunch.

But Baylor's been unbelievable with their four-guard system. They've got multiple guards that are capable of exploding on for big scoring outings, make a lot of 3's.

And so it's going to be a very interesting game. One team trying to score 80, and the other team trying to hold you to 55. So we'll see. If the game's in the 80s, Baylor's going to win. If the game's in the 60s, Houston's going to win.