March Madness: BC Head Coach Earl Grant Previews Gonzaga-UCLA Final Four Matchup

Can the Bruins pull off the upset against the Zags? Boston College hoops coach Earl Grant joins Steve Burton to preview Saturday night's Final Four matchup between Gonzaga and UCLA.

Video Transcript

STEVE BURTON: How will UCLA match up against the Zags?

EARL GRANT: Man, I just don't think nobody really matches up well with Gonzaga. They're just so talented, and they're so deep, and they got so many weapons. But I think the only chance that UCLA has is just making it really ugly, and making it really slow, and making it a grinder-- not let the pace get fast. And they show that they can do it, because again, in the last game they won in the 50s. So they know how to control tempo and slow the game down, but I think that's their only chance-- is if they really make this game ugly, slow it down, keep Gonzaga out of transition, and make it a low-scoring game.

STEVE BURTON: Out of all the teams that are left, right, there's only four. Out of the three, which team has the best game of beating a team like Gonzaga.

EARL GRANT: Of the three, I would have to say-- you know, part of me want to say Baylor. They can keep up with the scoring, like you know you've got to keep up with Gonzaga scoring. Where you would think that UCLA and Houston being both half-court grinders, that they could slow you down offensively. But hadn't been a team to slow Gonzaga down yet. So, for me, I think you just got to find somebody who can keep up with them scoring. I think Baylor-- you know, they've been able to score in the 80s, 90s, a lot this year, so I would give them the nod.

STEVE BURTON: So how much pressure is there on Gonzaga to stay perfect?

EARL GRANT: I don't think there's that much pressure on them. I mean, when you're 30 and 0-- people been saying that for the last two months, oh man they're 15 and 0. Well, now they're 19 and 0. 21 and 0. So they've been undefeated all year. I think it's business as usual for them. It shouldn't be as much pressure. At this point, you should be able to see the end of the tunnel. You should be able to say, hey, we've got two games, right, we win a couple of games, we're going to win a championship. And they're probably very confident that they haven't lost yet, so I don't think there's a lot of pressure on them.

STEVE BURTON: I got the Zags winning it all. So does half the rest of the country, right?

EARL GRANT: Yeah, I got I got the Zags winning it all, but I think there's a chance-- the one thing I would say, this time of year the two teams that is very comfortable winning ugly is Houston and UCLA. Low-scoring grinders. So I've got Gonzaga winning, but I wouldn't be surprised if this thing turned into a boxing match, and Houston and UCLA find a way to surprise and shock the world.

STEVE BURTON: Hey, thank you very much.

EARL GRANT: Thank you, man. Happy Easter to you. Have a great weekend.