March Madness: Boston College Head Coach Earl Grant Previews Saturday Afternoon's NCAA Tournament Games On WBZ

Boston College head basketball coach Earl Grant will be joining WBZ and CBSN throughout the NCAA Tournament as a guest analyst. Here he previews the Saturday afternoon games on WBZ.

Video Transcript

- All right, we're joined for a few minutes now by Coach Earl Grant, the new coach of the Boston College Eagles. And coach, we've been tackling this NCAA tournament. Let's talk about the Saturday games. I want to particularly talk about the Saturday games right here on WBZ and CBS, as far as the broadcast is concerned.

Let's start with Colorado and Georgetown will be our noontime start on Saturday. The East champs from Patrick Ewing, talk about facing a team like the Hoyas, who were 3 and 8 to start, but won of the six of their final seven contests, including the Big East Tournament. How dangerous a team can a team like Georgetown be as they go about their business?

EARL GRANT: Yeah, Georgetown was very impressive in their last game against Creighton. Holding Creighton the only, I think, under 40 points. Really, really, defended well. Showed a great toughness. And so I was very impressed with their performance.

But I would have to say Colorado was a tough contest, because they got a great inside-outside punch were very experienced players. So it should be a great game.

- Would you rather be a team coming in rolling like that or a team that had an overall good season from start to finish when you're going into the NCAA tournament?

EARL GRANT: I kind of think I would rather be a team that's got it rolling coming into the tournament. Because anytime time you go through some adversity early in the season, and some tough times, and the it finally, finally clicks, I think that team is a lot more dangerous, and they start to believe they can win any game.

So I would imagine, you know, Georgetown probably feel that way right now, winning six out of seven games coming down the final stretch.

- All right, a game at 3 o'clock on CBS and WBZ will be top-seeded Michigan going up against Texas Southern, the 16 seed. If you were coaching Texas Southern, let's take that perspective, what kind of things would you be saying to your team leading up to a game like this where you could be that, you can make a lifetime memory with that one win?

EARL GRANT: Well number one, I mean I would talk about controlling tempo. You know, try to make sure that we can limit the possessions. I don't think you want to really get up and down with Michigan. They are capable of scoring a lot of points.

They got a lot of depth, great big men on the inside, as well as some good guards. So I think they got to control tempo, number one. And they really got to be physical on the backboards, and try to rebound their first miss.

So those would be some of the things to talk about, try to limit the turnovers, your mistakes, and force Michigan to take tough shots. And don't give them any easy ones.

- How much fun would it be if you were Texas Southern? Guys, let's go out, let's see what we can do here.

EARL GRANT: Well I mean, they are playing with house money. I mean, playing with house money. Obviously, they're a 16 seed. They're the underdogs. Nobody's going to be picking them to win that game.

So they should be loose. They should be loose. They should be pretty free in that game. And so, sometimes those teams turn out to be very dangerous.