It's March, and that means the Madness is here

Sports Pulse: Scott Gleeson on Bubble Watch, what teams are in and out.

Video Transcript

SCOTT GLEESON: First up is Maryland. They went off and knocked off another bubble team in Michigan State, and that's exactly what you need to do if you're a fringe team right now. Because the NCAA Selection Committee is gonna be looking very meticulously at all the different resumes.

Another bubble team that's currently in the projected field but just by a hair is Drake. They're currently projected 11 seed. They just lost to Bradley, and that's a tough loss. It's a resume-stunting loss that the committee is going to harp on. It's going to be very difficult to assess mid-major programs when you're putting them up against a power conference team.

But, overall, Drake has the credentials right now. Here's the issue though. You've got the power conference teams. They can surge here. So Drake might be safe for now, but some of these power conference teams could go and leapfrog them.

We're currently looking at two bubble teams on the outside looking in. First, we want to take a look and an examination at SMU. Coach Tim Jankovic does not schedule well, and that is going to hurt the Mustangs. The reason for that is they have a non-conference strength of schedule of 284. That could really be detrimental when you're thinking about trying to take a late push and trying to get into the dance.

Then another bubble team that's currently on the outside of the projected field is Syracuse. Coach Jim Boeheim has gotten his team to find its identity. But losing to two other bubble teams, you lose to Duke and then Georgia Tech-- those teams are also on the bubble in the ACC-- that really just spells doom when you're thinking about Syracuse's resume.

Because guess what, they don't have any quadrant one victories. When you have zero quadrant one victories, the NCAA Selection Committee is gonna pick that out, they're gonna see that. So 'Cuse has to get some wins and some quality wins if they want to consider going dancing this year in March.