Maren Morris says pandemic gave her time to write songs

Appearing at the Grammys, Maren Morris says songwriting throughout the pandemic when she couldn’t tour has been a "huge tonic" for her. She gives Taylor Swift a shout-out for putting out two albums. (March 14)

Video Transcript

MAREN MORRIS: It took me a while after having my son to want to be creative again and write. So I just took a few months to just focus on being a mother. And then when I felt like my brain was back, I got back in the studio and started writing. And that's been a huge tonic for me, as someone that is such a road dog and loves being on tour. Just, writing has been the faucet for me.

The creativity of my peers here tonight even, what they have created in such a bizarre, surreal moment in time is maybe some of their best work. I mean, Taylor, for instance, putting two records out, she's, like, overachiever. You see what creatives are capable of when they're backed up against a wall and can't share it with an audience.


I feel like everyone in this organization has made all the artists and performers and crew feel very safe and taken care of. And obviously, there's this light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine and COVID restrictions lifting in Los Angeles. But they're still being very, very overly safe, I feel like. And that's what they should be doing.