Margaret Atwood's 'The Heart Goes Last' going from screen to page

Margaret Atwood's "The Heart Goes Last" is out in September.

Canadian author Margaret Atwood has a new book headed out in September, set in the same near-future dystopia as her Positron stories, which have all been released online.

Atwood has, in recent years, shared several of her stories via online portals. In 2013, Wattpad hosted her unconventional collaboration "The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home," and the literary hub Byliner serialized her Positron stories.

The most recent Positron installment -- released in 2013 -- goes by the same name as the upcoming novel, which follows the same characters as the online short stories.

According to the synopsis: Charmaine and Stan are living hand-to-mouth when they see an ad for Consilience, a 'social experiment' offering them stability and a home of their own.

The catch: every second month, they leave their suburban paradise for a prison cell. Eventually, Stan and Charmaine develop obsessions with their 'Alternates,' the couple occupying their house during their time in prison.

"The Heart Goes Last" is Atwood's first standalone novel since her Man Booker Prize-winning "The Blind Assassin," which was published 15 years ago. It is due out September 24 in the UK and September 29 in the US and Canada.

Meanwhile, Darren Aronofsky is reportedly developing a TV adaptation based on the author's speculative fiction trilogy "Oryx and Crake," "The Year of the Flood" and "MaddAddam," which wrapped up in 2013.