Mariah Carey says she would tell her 12-year-old self not to shave her eyebrows: 'It's never gonna look good on you'

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  • Mariah Carey revealed the advice she would give her younger self in an interview with People.

  • "I would've said, 'Please don't shave your eyebrows. It's never gonna look good on you,'" she said.

  • The "Fantasy" singer released a new children's book about a young girl who overcomes adversity.

Mariah Carey answered a question about the advice she would give her 12-year-old self in a new interview with People — and that included several beauty tips.

The "Fantasy" singer spoke candidly about her experience growing up mixed-race, telling People's Jason Sheeler : "I wasn't, like, the little girl living next door, with the silky long hair and freckles. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's what beauty is supposed to be.' And I didn't fit in with that."

According to Carey, she struggled when it came to fashion and grooming, despite being a style icon for many today.

"I had, like, three shirts, and my hair was textured, honey... it was several textures, and we were not working together," the pop star explained. "I don't wanna use the word 'neglected,' but it wasn't a fashion show."

Ultimately, the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" singer revealed she'd tell her younger self to "save up" her money for hair products.

"Buy some conditioner and a comb, just wet your hair, keep the conditioner on it, and let it air-dry. You'll be okay," Carey told People of her advice to her 12-year-old self. "Oh, and I would've said, 'Please don't shave your eyebrows. It's never gonna look good on you.'"

Just in time for the holidays, Carey recently released a new children's book called "The Christmas Princess." In the book, a little girl — named "Little Mariah" — struggles to overcome bullying from her peers, but ultimately finds solace in her music and self-love.

"It's not a Prince Charming who comes in," Carey said to People of Little Mariah's happy ending. "She saves her own day."

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