Marianna Budanova recovering after poisoning — sources

Marianna Budanova
Marianna Budanova
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Marianna Budanova, the wife of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) chief Kyrylo Budanov, remains in hospital after being poisoned with cyanide and mercury on Nov. 28, HUR sources told NV.

Budanova's course of treatment is nearing completion, NV has learned. Other members of HUR were also poisoned, though their condition is less severe.

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Budanova was poisoned with heavy metals, including cyanide and mercury. The poisoning was promptly detected, helping to avoid the most severe adverse health effects. She could have been poisoned while consuming food, NV sources said.

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HUR is conducting an internal investigation to determine whether Budanova’s poisoning should be considered an assassination attempt on her husband, since Budanov has survived more than 10 attempts on his life over the course of the war with Russia.

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