Marianne Williamson reportedly lays off her entire campaign staff

Brendan Morrow

Marianne Williamson reportedly no longer has a campaign staff.

The author and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has laid off her entire campaign staff nationally, as of Tuesday having "no staffers on board," WMUR reports. Among those no longer employed by Williamson are Patricia Ewing, her national campaign manager. The Hill is also reporting on the layoffs, citing sources close to the campaign.

After making her mark in the early Democratic presidential debates by railing against plans, describing the "dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country," promising to "harness love" to defeat President Trump, and declaring she'd call the prime minister of New Zealand as president to say "girlfriend, you are so on," the spiritual guru has failed to qualify for the events in recent months. "Financial issues" are reportedly the reason for the layoffs.

Despite this, WMUR is also reporting that Williamson is still a candidate and that sources are "not aware of any plans by Williamson to drop out of the race," although one would assume that's inevitable for someone who has axed every one of her staffers, meaning it may not be long before Willliamson's campaign is so off.

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