Marietta teacher under investigation for 'inappropriately' restraining student

Mar. 7—In an email to parents at Lockheed Elementary School on Tuesday, Marietta City Schools Superintendent Grant Rivera said a teacher "was alleged to have attempted to inappropriately restrain a student during recess."

"This situation was reported to school administration, who immediately initiated an investigation and engaged the appropriate authorities," Rivera said in the email. "Student safety is our highest priority, and given the allegation, the teacher was removed from the school while the investigation was completed."

Rivera said the district is supporting the students in this particular class and is in direct communication with their families.

Rivera added that parents with any concerns should feel free to reach out to Lockheed Elementary Principal Coretta Stewart at or (770) 429-3196 ext. 6122, or their child's teacher or counselor.

"We are all here to support your child in any way possible," Rivera said.