Marijuana container shop halts opening

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Oct. 16—PLATTSBURGH — A novel canister shop that gifted customers cannabis for their purchases was due for a grand opening for its retail location in Plattsburgh Friday.

Instead, a note met interested customers at its door on U.S. Avenue saying the shop's opening was delayed "due to unforeseen circumstances."

Before its retail location, Grass N Dash operated as an online delivery service that allowed customers to buy canisters meant to hold cannabis. With a purchase, customers also received cannabis inside the canister as a free gift.

Grass N Dash Co-Owner William Ashabranner planned on giving that business a physical storefront.


In March, New York State legalized the use of recreational marijuana under certain conditions. It also outlined a framework toward retail sale of it in the future. But that framework has yet to allow direct sales.

In a report from WCAX a day before Grass N Dash was scheduled to open, Ashabranner said he had consulted with a local attorney who told him the loophole his business operated under was legal.

Clinton County Sheriff David Favro said from what he can tell, Grass N Dash operates in a gray area.

"In my opinion, I thought that it still constituted as sale, but without having details, it's so hard to get into a discussion," Favro said. "But it just sounds odd."


Ashabranner did not respond to a request for an interview Friday. The business' website does not offer a date when or if the store rescheduled its grand opening as of Friday afternoon.

Favro said that with the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, more gray areas around the sale and possession of it are likely to spring up.

"I think it's a sign for things to come," he said. "It's going to spawn a whole area of problems we haven't experience before. But we'll have to deal with each one as they come."

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