Marilyn Manson Will Do Community Service For Spitting, Blowing His Nose on Woman

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)

Marilyn Manson, accused rapist and abuser, has finally been slapped with some good ol’ fashioned court-ordered accountability...only it’s not for the multiple sexual and physical abuse claims against him (Manson has repeatedly denied all rape and abuse accusations).

On Monday, the supposed shock rocker was sentenced to 20 hours of community service and a fine of $1,400 for *checks record* spitting and blowing his nose on videographer, Susan Fountain, at a concert back in 2019.

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In the courtroom on Monday, Manson appeared but didn’t give a statement. Meanwhile, Fountain chose not to appear but offered a statement that was read during the sentencing hearing.

“In all the years I’ve worked with people, I’ve never been humiliated or treated the way I was by this defendant,” Fountain wrote. “For him to spit on me and blow his nose on me was the most disgusting thing a human being has ever done.”

“I understand this was not a big criminal charge to begin with, but I was hoping that the defendant would receive a sentence that would make him think twice before doing something like this again,” her statement continued. Per the judge’s ruling, Manson is allowed to serve his community service in California where he resides, but must give proof of completion by February 4.

If Manson hadn’t switched his plea and the case went to trial, he would have faced a jail sentence. Of course, this won’t be Manson’s last time in court. He remains in litigation in at least two cases—one filed by his ex-girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, and the other, a Jane Doe suit stemming from allegations he raped her at the age of 16. In May, a judge ruled in favor of Wood and dismissed much of his defamation case against her.

Luck (and basic human decency???), it seems, is very much snot on Manson’s side.

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