MariMed unveils new cannabis ice cream

Yahoo Finance Live's Brian Cheung and Dave Briggs check out MariMed's new vegan cannabis ice cream developed alongside ice cream company Emack & Bolio.

Video Transcript

BRIAN CHEUNG: I want to shift gears now. MariMed, a multi-state cannabis company, has partnered with Boston ice cream brand Emack & Bolio to develop cannabis infused ice cream. The dessert contains formulations of full spectrum cannabis oil with natural cannabinoids and terpenes. I have no idea what those things mean. I'm sure [INAUDIBLE].

Two vegan flavors debuted at a MariMed dispensary in Massachusetts this week. The company expecting additional flavors and wider availability in the coming months. Dave, are you a fan of either ice cream or can-- cannabin--

DAVE BRIGGS: Cannabinoids?

BRIAN CHEUNG: Cannabinoids?

DAVE BRIGGS: Look, there's record breaking heat out east. So to cool off, as a matter of cooling off--

BRIAN CHEUNG: Yeah, to cool off and to chill out.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yes, I would absolutely. It's got 20 milligrams, which is about two servings in terms of the THC for adults.

BRIAN CHEUNG: That's a lot.

DAVE BRIGGS: So it's an interesting product. Now, the only problem here is, you have the ice cream. You pack on a few calories, and then you get the munchies. So that's a little problematic--

BRIAN CHEUNG: Well, I think that--

DAVE BRIGGS: --for the waistline.

BRIAN CHEUNG: --for people that already have a pint of Ben and Jerry's, you take one spoonful and you end up going through the whole thing, this increases the probability of that type of thing happening. By the way, Cup o' Coffee Chip and Chocolate Sunny Days-- those sound pretty good to me, at least.


BRIAN CHEUNG: All right.

DAVE BRIGGS: Let's give it a shot.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Let's do it. Not on the show, though, of course.