Marin County Opens New Vaccination Sites After Missing Yellow Tier Status

New vaccination sites are opening up in Marin County to help speed up herd immunity and a move into the yellow tier of reopening. Emily Turner reports. (4/21/21)

Video Transcript

MICHELLE GRIEGO: --the road to recovery, new vaccination sites are opening up in Marin County to help speed up herd immunity and move into the yellow tier of reopening. KPIX 5's Emily Turner stopped by a vaccine site in Novato for an update on the rollout process.

EMILY TURNER: Two more vaccination sites open up in Marin County, which means hundreds more people vaccinated. And hopefully, the health department says, closer to normal.

DAN OFFENBACH: So I basically said, this is time. I got to get in there.

EMILY TURNER: Most in Marin County were disappointed by the narrow miss of moving to the yellow tier. But Dan Offenbach is going to be a part of the solution.

DAN OFFENBACH: I want to join the ranks of being safe. And it was definitely on the prioritization list for me.

EMILY TURNER: He and hundreds of others are among the first to get vaccinated in one of Marin's two new vaccination sites. This one is at North Marin Community Services in Novato. Another at the Hamilton Community Center.

CHERYL PADDACK: While Marin County is ahead of the vaccination strategy in the state, we have many vulnerable populations who are still not vaccinated.

EMILY TURNER: The curative sites are open to anyone who lives or works in either Marin or Sonoma counties. No appointment necessary, just walk on up. Marin Health hopes to increase vaccination sites, with increased [? accessibility ?] will help the county cross the line into that least restrictive tier.

CHERYL PADDACK: Marin County Public Health, Dr. Willis is doing a great job at educating us on what it takes to go to the next tier. So we have, you know, the formula of what's needed. And we just need people to support that work.

EMILY TURNER: North Marin Community Services says they are specifically targeting those at-risk communities. They're going to the places where they work and reaching out to them to try and offset any misinformation that might have to do with the vaccine. In Novato, Emily Turner, KPIX 5.