Marine who spoke out about Afghanistan withdrawal says he expects to be jailed

A Marine who claimed he was "relieved from duty" after going viral for criticizing military leadership over the withdrawal from Afghanistan now speculates he might be court-martialed and "will probably do some jail time."

Stuart Scheller, who claims now to be a former lieutenant colonel, has been posting regular updates about his dissenting stance that led to his alleged removal from the military, saying in a Wednesday update to a video he uploaded to social media on Aug. 27, "The Marine Corps will assign an investigating officer. Most likely a Colonel."

Scheller's initial video posted last week came just hours after 11 Marines, one Navy sailor, and one Army soldier were killed during a terrorist attack in Kabul near the airport. The United States scrambled to evacuate as many eligible Afghans and U.S. citizens from the country before the Aug. 31 deadline for military forces to exit the country. Scheller said in the video that he knew at least one person who was killed in the Kabul attack.

"Once the investigating officer finalizes his recommendation, the Marine Corps will decide if they should pursue court-martial," Scheller claimed on Wednesday, adding that if it does go to court-martial, "I will be found guilty and will probably do some jail time. This will provide me a valuable opportunity to read, write, and contemplate."

The Marines confirmed Scheller's "situation is currently under investigation" but declined to provide further details to the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, according to Capt. Sam Stephenson, a spokesman for the Training and Education Command. "The Marine Corps is not providing any additional information regarding Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. His situation is currently under investigation and being handled appropriately by his chain of command, and therefore, we cannot comment further."


"As Marines decompress from the gravity of events in Afghanistan over the week, it is important for those struggling to speak with their fellow Marines, their chain of command, or seek counseling," Stephenson added.

Scheller's updated claims come less than 24 hours after he addressed Gen. David H. Berger, the commandant of the Marine Corps, on Facebook, saying, "I understand you want to court martial me."

On Wednesday, Scheller added, "General Burger isn’t allowed to comment on the situation or else it will appear as 'undue command influence.'"

Scheller said he was asked by his commanding officer to be evaluated by mental health specialists on Monday and claimed he complied with the order. On Tuesday, he issued his written request for a resignation to the secretary of the Navy.


The Washington Examiner contacted the Defense Department but did not immediately receive a response.

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