Mariupol: collaborators told to reopen churches and pray for Russian soldiers

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Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, has reported that the Russians, escorted by guards, have brought a delegation from the Moscow Patriarchate into the city. The Russian Orthodox Church instructed the collaborators to reopen the churches and pray for Russian soldiers.

Sources: Andriushchenko on Telegram

Quote: "Mariupol. Religion is at the occupiers’ service. Yesterday (on 23 June) a large delegation from the Moscow Patriarchate arrived in the city for an inspection. There was a big motorcade consisting of priests and military guards. They drove around visiting churches.

They instructed the collaborators to restore the churches as a priority, and to increase the number of prayers for protection for the Russian military. Local priests are to boost the propaganda by praying for the innocents whose lives were taken by ‘Ukrainian soldiers’."

Details: Moreover, the collaborators have been told to sort out the church of [St.] Petro Mohyla, which belongs to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as soon as possible: "It must be either demolished or remodelled according to the canons of the Russian Orthodox Church."

The mayor’s adviser is convinced that the Moscow Patriarchate is still working as a full-fledged FSB.

He said the Russian Orthodox priests were also taken on an excursion to the Drama Theatre, which was destroyed by the occupiers with hundreds of civilians inside.