Mariupol Mayor: Thousands of civilians could die from infectious diseases

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Kateryna Tyshchenko – Saturday, 28 May 2022, 23:06

The Mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boichenko, said that there was a threat of infectious disease outbreaks in Mariupol this summer.

Source: Boichenko during a 24/7 national joint newscast

Details: According to the mayor, 22,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol as a result of Russian aggression; many of them were buried in improvised graves or mass graves. Meanwhile, over 100,000 Mariupol residents remain in Russian "captivity" because Russian forces do not let them leave the city.

Quote from Boichenko: "In addition, the sewage system and the trash collection service are not working and the weather conditions are worsening: we are on the verge of summer and the temperature is rising.

Given all this, our doctors say that there is a threat of infectious disease outbreaks this summer, including dysentery and plague, among others. These diseases might claim the lives of thousands of Mariupol residents."