Marjorie Taylor Greene groundlessly claims straight people face extinction within 150 years because of LGBTQ+ education

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Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talks, seated behind a laptop, on a video uploaded to Facebook. A logo in the corner reads "MTG LIie"
Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking on a video uploaded to Facebook on May 29, 2022.Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene/Facebook
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed LGBTQ+ education will make straight people extinct.

  • She took aim at Disney and a children's educator, calling them "trans terrorists."

  • 86.7% of people in the US consider themselves straight, a figure changing only gradually.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene predicted that identifying as heterosexual will be a thing of the past within a period of less than 200 years thanks to LGBTQ-inclusive sex educators, who she called "trans terrorists."

"They just want you to think that all of a sudden the entire population is steadily turning gay or turning trans," said the Georgia representative, who sailed through her primary race to win the GOP nomination on May 24.

Greene cited no evidence for the apparently chronic decline of heterosexuality. 86.3% of Americans consider themselves straight, according to a 2022 Gallup poll.

Gallup has noted that it is still an open question over whether the generational increases are due to "a true shift in sexual orientation" or whether it "reflects a greater willingness of younger people to identify as LGBT."

In a video, Greene said: "Just generation, generation ... probably in about four or five generations no-one will be straight any more. Everyone will be either gay, or trans, or nonconforming or whatever list of fifty of sixty options which there are."

A generation is typically taken to mean around 30 years — making Greene's ballpark around 120 to 150 years.

A short segment of Greene's speech was shared by the Twitter account Patriot Takes:

The comments came as part of "MTG Live," an almost hour-long video uploaded to Facebook on May 29.

On Wednesday, after Insider contacted Facebook for comment, a company spokesperson said "the video has now been removed for violating our policies."

The video had been viewed more than 16,000 times and had been shared more than 500 times.

In it, Greene targeted Disney and Rachel E. Simon, a psychotherapist who wrote a book titled: "The Every Body Book: The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Guide for Kids about Sex, Gender, Bodies and their Families."

Greene, showing a brief clip of Simon discussing her book, used this as one basis on which to claim that "the most dangerous people in America" are those that "want to groom your children and talk them into changing their gender."

"This people are terrorists because they're going after the most innocent, vulnerable people in our country," she said. In the brief clip of Simon talking about her book, there was no mention of attempting to persuade children into gender reassignment.

Greene also took aim at Disney, which has come under fire from conservatives for LGBTQ-inclusive programming in what has shaped up to be an anti-"woke" culture war.

She shared a brief clip of a Disney show named "Dino Ranch" in which two animated male dinosaurs gaze longingly at egg-shaped rocks and appear to want to become fathers.

The show's creator Matt Fernandes said in an interview with parenting website that his intention was to "have a dialogue about the fact that families come in different shapes and sizes."

This sort of representation, Greene said, is "sick, it's disgusting, it's evil, and it's wrong."

She said that she "could care less what grown adults do" and that sexuality is a private matter.

Greene has a long history of transphobic comments and stunts, in particular the false suggestion that transgender people are replacing people assigned female at birth.

In March, she suggested she feels "threatened" by HHS official Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the US.

Greene's office did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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