Marjorie Taylor Greene lands homeland security, oversight committee spots

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Jan. 17—U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Rome, announced Tuesday she had been assigned to the House Committees on Homeland Security and Oversight and Accountability.

The GOP's Steering Committee voted unanimously to place her on the two committees, and Greene awaits ratification of the appointments by the entire Republican caucus.

Greene, who was elected in 2020 and represents parts of southwest Cobb, pledged the oversight committee would investigate the Biden family and that "every three and four letter agency will now have to answer to Republican oversight."

Greene was a vocal supporter of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during his embattled bid for the speakership earlier this month, saying she was "furious" at Freedom Caucus members who were blocking McCarthy.

"I haven't asked for one thing for myself and I'm the only Republican that has zero committees," she said on Jan. 3.

Greene's previous committee assignments were revoked by Democrats in 2021 after she was found to have liked a social media post in 2018 advocating the assassination of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among a number of other controversial statements.

But the days of her having no committee assignments are over.

"We will return the role of the Oversight Committee to investigating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement of the federal government, which is exactly what the American people are fed up with," Greene said in a news release Tuesday.

The Homeland Security Committee has oversight over the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the nation's borders.

"We will investigate the Biden administration's violations of our laws and fund (and defund) programs to defend our border and American sovereignty," Greene added.

Cobb GOP Chair Salleigh Grubbs said she welcomed the appointments.

"She brings some very grounded thought and I think that, as far as oversight goes, there's been so much incredible, wasted investigation into things that are unfair against Republicans," Grubbs said. "I'm happy to see that the Republicans actually have some representation on the committee.

"We've had border security agents that have not been treated fairly. They've been overworked, underpaid and stretched too thin to do their jobs, and I think it brings accountability to that department to ensure that they have the assets they need to keep our borders secure," Grubbs added.

— Jake Busch contributed to this report.