Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked over lacklustre reception at parade walk

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been mocked over the underwhelming reception she received as she walked in a Christmas parade in her Georgia district.

The right-wing Republican lawmaker received a seemingly lacklustre reaction from the crowds as she appeared at the festive event in Dallas, Georgia.

Video of the event showed Ms Greene waving at the crowds, who appeared to barely react to her presence.

The moment did not go unnoticed by fellow Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, who has been a vocal critic of former president Donald Trump and his MAGA associates.

“As a guy that’s done almost 100 of these, this kind of reception would have me very worried,” tweeted Mr Kinzinger.

Before the event on Saturday, Ms Greene told her Twitter followers that she was happy to be there: “So excited to join everyone at the annual Dallas Christmas Parade today!! Even though it’s a bit rainy, we’re still going to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!”

Ms Greene, who is a QAnon-aligned conspiracy theorist, won reelection last month in her ruby red constituency in northwest Georgia with 60 per cent of the vote.

“Makes ya wonder how she got re-elected. Nobody there wants to acknowledge her presence,” wrote one Twitter user.

And another added: “No love for MTG!!! Wow. This is embarrassing and hard to watch…but I’m getting through it with a big fat smirk on my face.”

Another user told Mr Kinzinger, who lost his primary race to a MAGA Republican: “At least she has a job in January, you will not, you will be just like the rest of us common folks.”