Marjorie Taylor Greene rants against 'weak and moderate' Republican colleagues and their failure to stop 'Dictator Joe Biden'

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a House Freedom Caucus event
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., during a news conference held by the House Freedom Caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Aug. 23, 2021. Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/AP Photo
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  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene unleashed a broadside against "weak and moderate" Republicans in a 38-part Twitter thread.

  • The Georgia lawmaker said that her GOP colleagues are "doing nothing" to stop President Joe Biden.

  • Greene also said that she has "no confidence" in the current Republican leadership.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized her fellow GOP members of Congress, who she called "weak and moderate," in a lengthy Twitter rant on Friday afternoon, Newsweek first reported.

In a 38-part Twitter thread addressed to her "colleagues," the controversial Georgia lawmaker vowed to be "more direct than usual" in her condemnation of other Republicans.

"Since Dictator Joe Biden started phase 1 of the Dems' Communist takeover of America yesterday & I don't have a GOP Conference call on my calendar or an email in my inbox from leadership to stop this insanity," she wrote. This is seemingly a reference to President Joe Biden's Thursday announcement on federal vaccine requirements.

In the Twitter thread, she went on to accuse Republicans in Congress of failing to '"deliver key issues that were of utmost importance" to GOP voters, citing repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned parenthood, and funding a border wall as examples of broken promises.

"I give speeches to hundreds to thousands of Republican voters every single week at home and all across the country," Greene said in a later tweet. "Our voters are fed up with Republicans in Congress doing nothing to stop Dictator Joe Biden and the outright destruction to our country."

She later took a jab at "experienced" Republicans. "You all should hear what your wealthiest most successful donors are saying about you all and your lack of real action while Democrats burn our country to the ground with a dementia patient at the wheel," she wrote.

Greene then urged Republicans to get their "asses in gear" if the party has a chance of winning elections in 2022 or 2024 before calling on her colleagues to impeach Biden.

The freshman congresswoman first introduced articles of impeachment against Biden one day after he was inaugurated.

Referring to Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump and kick Greene off committees, she described them as "Democrats in disguise" and, later, as "weak and moderate Republicans."

She added that she had "no confidence" in the current Republican leadership. "I'm going to continue my promise to put The People over the politicians and fight like hell to Save America," she concluded.

A day after the Republicans voted to banish Greene from her congressional committees in February 2021, The New York Times reported that she said that the punishment had "freed" her to hold the GOP "accountable" and to push the party further to the right.

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