Mark Andrews

Fearless Forecast Week 11: 5 Rec, 62 Rec Yds

Projected Points: 8.7

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: frustrated Mark Andrews manager, raise your hand. Hey, I'm going to raise my hand. I'm in that group. It hasn't been a fun season. Hasn't scored a touchdown in over a month.

Now, he was very active in that rain game at New England. He had seasonal highs for catches and yards. And he ran 31 routes against New England. They were certainly looking for Andrews. And because he was so active with the seven catches, he wound up being tight end four for the week, despite not having a touchdown.

Now on the down side, Lamar Jackson kind of having a [? progression ?] season. As I said Andrews hasn't gotten in the end zone since week five. Titans about average in tight end coverage.

You're going to use Andrews on your seasonal teams. I don't think he makes sense at his DFS price. For a "Fearless Forecast," let's go 5 catches, 62 yards, but no touchdown.