Mark Cuban advocates for HGH to be used to speed up injury recovery

Most professional sports team owners would shy away when asked about performance-enhancing drugs, but Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is different. Cuban advocated for HGH to be used as a way to speed up injury recovery in a tweet Thursday.

The 61-year-old Cuban even funded a study on the topic. The results from that study — which was performed at the University of Michigan — revealed using HGH may help prevent the loss of muscle strength following ACL surgery.

Cuban addressed the issue on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Friday. Rachel Nichols asked Cuban about that tweet, and allowed Cuban to give his thoughts on whether the NBA should stop handing out penalties for players who use HGH.

Cuban’s comments occur at the 6:45 mark.

According to Cuban, the World Anti-Doping Agency banned HGH based on little research. Cuban said he wanted to gather data on HGH to show whether it could have beneficial uses for athletes. Cuban viewed the study as a first step toward getting professional sports leagues to take notice. He said he hopes leagues will commission further studies on the benefits of HGH, adding that he would financially support more research into the subject.

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