Mark Hamill Shares A Makeover For Trump's Border Wall That Everyone Can Support

Star Wars” star Mark Hamill has been a relentless critic of President Donald Trump on Twitter. He’s repeatedly called out Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and mocked POTUS for failing to get Mexico to pay for it as he promised during the 2016 presidential campaign: 

But on Thursday, Hamill discovered a wall idea that he could endorse: 

Now that’s a wall everyone can love. #PlantThatBorderShrub

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Walk across a point of entry

Have two feet? Use the to walk across the border. The fence won't present a problem.

Ride across in a car

Don't feel like walking? No worries -- hop into an automobile.

Sail in a boat!

Sure, maybe not this boat. But some kind of boat.

Take a plane

If all that walking/driving/boating stuff seems to passé for your modern tastes, consider flying over the double-border fence.

Climb through border hole

We know what you're thinking -- sure, getting around the border fence is easy if you're fortunate enough to get a U.S. visa. But what if you can't. One way to skirt the problem: the border's full of holes.

Climb over the fence

Texas Gov. Rick Perry dismissed the logic of expanding the border fence during the GOP presidential primary debates, saying that it would accomplish little beyond bolstering the "35-foot ladder business."

Borrow a tunnel

While tunneling under the border fence is a method more commonly used by drug traffickers than migrants, we do know that it's possible.

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