Market check: Stocks lower into close of rocky trading session

Yahoo Finance's Jared Bilkre gives a recap of the market before it closes for the day.

Video Transcript

JARED BLIKRE: Yeah. Well, bad news here-- it doesn't look like we're going to get that nice step where the Dow is down 2%. Consecutively, two consecutive days in a row, it managed to close green. Here, we can see it dipped back into the red. Anything can happen in the final few minutes. But that stat that we haven't seen since 1932 looking increasingly doubtful at this point doesn't change the fact that we still have terrible liquidity in the market, a lot of volatility. And a lot of this should be interpreted as noise. But energy really flying high here, up another 3 and 1/2%, financials up one-third of a percent, or thereabouts.

And let's take a look at our leaders and sentiment indicators. So only thing in the green right now is regional banks. That is not the best setup. You can see IPOs taking it on the chin. That ETF is down 4%. Then you got software, ARK Invest, chip stocks, internet, solar, home builders, all of those in the red, most of those in the dark red-- so not quite coming back just yet.

Now, the travel sector has turned green for the most part. We got Carnival Cruise lines up over 2%, Norwegian up over 3 and 1/2%. And it looks like Hilton-- that is up 1 and 1/2%-- a little bit of green for the airlines, as well, but not for the semiconductors-- not looking that hot.

We are going to get some software earnings after the bell from Microsoft. So stay tuned for that. But you can see all the dark red in this space. And I'm not even going to put the 16-day view that shows year-to-date. It's a little bit depressing right now.

But we have been seeing some green with respect to Bitcoin, not a lot right there. We saw that up about 10% earlier on the day. And we've been giving back some gains there as well. It has become kind of correlated with equities, and especially the tech sector recently-- got an article coming up on that tomorrow.

But in the meantime, let's just check out what we have in terms of some of these other spaces here-- do want to check out retail. That has been a bright spot recently-- not today, admittedly-- and also the industrials. Let's go to the Dow industrials, where we saw some earnings earlier today. J&J-- that's holding onto gains of about 2 and 1/2%. IBM-- we got that after the bell yesterday. That stock is up 5%. American Express-- nice outlook there-- that's up 8%-- for the most part, not seeing a lot of other green. Notably, JP Morgan, a financial-- that is up about 9/10 of a percent-- want to check out the volatility in the market.

Now, you can see the VIX is holding above 30 there. Let me just get a chart. And we can see the day's price action off of the highs. But let's take a look at a two-months chart, where we can see that huge spike up yesterday. These things don't tend to get resolved in a day-- so maybe a little bit of a waiting here, guys.

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