Marlins' 2021 Off & Running At Newly-Named LoanDepot Park

CBS4's Jim Berry has more on the team's Opening Day home opener. Read more:

Video Transcript

- We lead off with CBS 4 sports anchor Jim Berry. Jim.

JIM BERRY: Hey, guys, it is a big sports day indeed, and certainly big for the Marlins at LoanDepot Park. Of course, that's the new name for their ballpark here in Little Havana. And their 2021 season up and running here against the Tampa Bay Rays. No score in the bottom of the fourth inning, so it's been a little quiet. But I have to say, look, we know things are not normal just yet, but seeing fans at the ballpark makes you feel like maybe normal is indeed right around the corner, or is indeed coming.

And let's go to some video and show you how it looks today. Fans certainly excited to be back here at the ballpark here in Little Havana. Capacity limited to about 25%, translating to a little more than 9,000 fans. And some who remember the Marlins' two World Series titles hope this franchise can get back to that. Of course, they see last year's playoff run, and they see new talent like Jazz Chisholm, who's sporting some brand-new blue hair. And manager of the year Don Mattingly. All those hopeful signs that Derek Jeter's rebuild from the ground up again is going to work. We've got 162 games this year to find out.

So far against Tampa Bay, as I mentioned, no score in the bottom of the fourth inning. The Marlins have scratched out just one infield hit. We've got a pitchers' deal going between Sandy Alcantara and Tyler Glasnow, but that's OK for fans. They're just thrilled to be back in the building.

- I'm a huge baseball fan, so that I can come back and watch my Marlins and watch my team, I'm beyond excited.

- We're very excited. We're full-season fans since 2003, and we've been missing them. We miss the guys, we miss the stadium, and we thank everybody that's allowing us to be here today.

- I think it's different in the sense that the world has changed since the last time that we were here. And it's continuing to change, and hopefully for the better. And that's what we have our fingers crossed for. And by the way, I don't know if you saw my Marlins World Series ring, but I'm wearing it because it's Opening Day as well.

JIM BERRY: He's a true fan for sure. Now, Marlins team captain Miguel Rojas says the team's goal is to make sure fans are excited about the 82 home games they're going to play this season. And certainly the Marlins know that the fans can give them some energy, which they will need if they're going to grind out this marathon of a season. So we'll see how the Marlins do. This year, they want to prove that last year's playoff appearance was no fluke, and we'll see if they can live up to that.