Marlins Park Is Now Officially LoanDepot Park, Where Team Will Open Season On Thursday

CBS4's Mike Cugno has more on the name unveiling. Read more:

Video Transcript

- Today is Marlins workout day, with opening day on the horizon for tomorrow, and with fans being allowed to attend games for the first time since the pandemic. And when fans show up to Marlins Park, well, it won't be Marlins Park anymore. CBS 4's Mike Cugno is there with the details.

- Sorry, sorry that I here late. I put in my GPS "Marlins Park," and I couldn't find it.


MIKE CUGNO: Even the players will have to get used to saying LoanDepot Park. A new multi-year deal between the Marlins and the mortgage lending giant officially kicks in just 24 hours before opening day. LoanDepot CEO Anthony Hsieh says this move gives his California-based company more brand recognition on the East Coast.

ANTHONY HSIEH: It's-- Florida is a major market for us. It is a vibrant state. And certainly, having our name associated with this park is very attractive to us beyond just baseball.

MIKE CUGNO: As for the Marlins, selling the naming rights and inking a new TV deal gives Derek Jeter and the front office more money to build a product on the field.

DEREK JETER: They're foundational pillars for us, right? These are big deals. They're important deals for us. But you know, we still have a lot of work to do.

MIKE CUGNO: That work begins Thursday at 4:10, when starting pitcher Sandy Alcantara leads the fish out onto the field for opening day.

SANDY ALCANTARA: I can't wait tomorrow to [? wait ?] [? outside ?] [? the ?] [? mouth, ?] you know, like throw a lot of innings, you know, and competing. That's what I'm waiting for, you know? And support my teammates, you know, represent my country.

MIKE CUGNO: Miami, of course, is coming off their first playoff appearance since 2003 and are no longer flying under the radar.

BRIAN ANDERSON: Now it's just going out, trusting yourself, trusting the talent that we have, the guys that we have, and just going out there and having fun.

MIGUEL ROJAS: Really excited about seeing our fans in South Florida again and playing in front of them, and let them know that we got a team here that they can be proud of.

MIKE CUGNO: This season, the Marlins will definitely hang their hat on their starting pitching. But I asked Don Mattingly about their new starting second baseman Jazz Chisholm. He said the kid has superstar potential. Definitely keep an eye out for him tomorrow when the Marlins take on the Rays opening day, 4:10. From LoanDepot Park, Mike Cugno, CBS 4 Sports. "