Marlon Wayans gives nod to LizQuen’s ‘White Chicks’ viral Halloween ball get-up

People love dressing up as beloved characters from pop culture for Halloween, so it should come as no surprise when local celebrities — in this case, actors Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, known by their couple portmanteau LizQuen — also try to get in on the act.

It is, however, sort of surprising that the pop culture figures they chose were Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, the main characters of the largely forgettable 2004 Wayans brothers comedy White Chicks, but hey, to each their own.

The pair’s turn as the pair of black-FBI-agents-going-undercover-as-white-socialites-to-foil-a-kidnapper (don’t think about it too hard) for Sunday’s Halloween ball has gone viral. Viral enough, in fact, that today Marlon Wayans (who starred as one of the titular White Chicks) gave the dressed-up duo a nod by retweeting their photos from his Twitter account.


Photo: Marlon Wayans / Twitter

On Sunday, the pair also won Best Couple Costume at ABS-CBN’s Black Magic Halloween Party, with Soberano telling ABS-CBN News on the “black carpet” that the get-up was her idea, and that Gil, initially iffy about cross-dressing, caved in and just had fun with it.

If we’re being completely honest, though, we weren’t that impressed by the costumes (after all, famous people dressing up as well known characters is nothing new), until we saw this video of Gil doing balls-defying splits and busting hip-and-crotch contortions near-identical to the dance moves seen in the movie. Doesn’t look like he was very iffy at all.

Watch the clip, shared by @lizquenvibe, here:

Responses to Wayans’ retweet, meanwhile, have ranged from jokes about Gil stealing his moves, to praise for the flick’s comedic chops, with one commenter, @bembangbiik, tweeting that they’ll be “Watching White Chicks on Netflix again because of this.”

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