Marriage Applications & Divorces

Duluth News Tribune, Minn.
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Apr. 24—St. Louis County

March marriage license applications

Alexandria Nelson, Duluth, and Jonathan Silva, Boston, Massachusetts

Brittani Londo, Mountain Iron, and Cody Loewen, Mountain Iron

Roberto Rodriguez, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Naomi Merth, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Emma Nash, Hibbing, and Johnny Hamilton, Hibbing

Jonathan Seamon, Wausau, Wisconsin, and Cynthia Bullock, Wausau, Wisconsin

Kim Zubke, Duluth, and Robert Kivi, Duluth

Michael Kelly, Duluth, and Junevela Flippin, Duluth

Autumn Brinkman, Duluth, and Ryan Ostrofsky, Duluth

Christina Ashe-Kirk, Duluth, and John Greene, Duluth

Roger Monnier, Duluth, and Diana McMillin, Duluth

Ashley Eider, Duluth, and Antonio Caron, Duluth

David Shamley, Duluth, and Shawn Gainey, Duluth

Robert Koltzow, Duluth, and Cynthia Leeson, Duluth

Nicole Dennie, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and Michael Gotsch, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Mary Waithaka, Virginia, and Eric Tweten, Virginia

Madison Anderson, Buhl, and Harley Eckman, Buhl

Kaitlyn Erickson, Duluth, and Steve Salgy, Wrenshall

Alan Krueth, Virginia, and Amanda Jacksha, Virginia

Emily Boo, Duluth, and Gavin Campbell, Duluth

Thea Gagnon, Virginia, and Jordan White, Virginia

Kevin Miller, Hibbing, and Kelly Matson, Hibbing

Thomas Paplior, Duluth, and Lorie Iverson, Duluth

Vikram Jadhav, Duluth, and Julia Kohler, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Germany

Morgan Schlotec, Mountain Iron, and Mason Isaacson, Mountain Iron

Brittany Plachecki, Duluth, and Jessica Adams, Duluth

David Anderson, Newton, Iowa, and Erin Blank, Newton, Iowa

John Ronning, Eveleth, and Katherine McCracken, Eveleth

Samantha Wilson, Superior, and Steven Birman, Superior

David Frear, Hermantown, and Courtney Markkula, Hermantown

Andrew Shamp, Aurora, and Jamie Vonwald, Aurora

Kaitlyn Rikkola, Duluth, and Connor Tollerud, Duluth

William Annala, Duluth, and Sari Mundon, Duluth

Joseph Schmidt, Superior, and Marion Harris, Superior

Thomas Collard, Duluth, and Daisha McCuskey, Duluth

Taylor Wolff, Chisholm, and Courtney Svaleson, Chisholm

Dustin Allen, Duluth, and Megan Shaw, Duluth

Phelan Rumley, Duluth, and Morgan Cunningham, Duluth

Ryan Wartman, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Amelia Stech, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Erin Simat, Eveleth, and Nathan Quist, Anoka, Minnesota

Paul Baldwin, Hibbing, and Lauren Brison, Hibbing

Clint Northrup, Cloquet, and Erica Dupuis, Duluth

Joshua Rutchasky, Angora, Minnesota, and Jill Wiita, Angora, Minnesota

Gregory Rautell, Duluth, and Linda Grau, Cloquet

Rashelle Podmolik, Flower Mound, Texas, and Duane Robidoux, Flower Mound, Texas

Cory Brodin, Duluth, and Shylan Vondall, Duluth

Taylor Horton, Duluth, and Robert Martimo, Saginaw

Scott Pfluger, Cumberland, Wisconsin, and Tammie Benson, Cumberland, Wisconsin

Samantha Kudis, Eveleth, and Alexander Goodale, Eveleth

Melinda Aubin, Duluth, and Cole Ledin, Duluth

John Erdmann, Tioga, North Dakota, and Elyce Mueller, Tioga, North Dakota

Whitney Graham, Hibbing, and Andrew Mahlberg, Hibbing

Porsha Cline, Duluth, and Joshua Hoffmann, Duluth

Douglas Britt, Poplar Grove, Illinois, and Janet Churchill, Poplar Grove, Illinois

Matthew Davel, Chili, Wisconsin, and Destini Sexauer, Chili, Wisconsin

Paola Rogers, Duluth, and John Marshall, Duluth

Gracie Thomas, Duluth, and Jake Radosevich, Hermantown

Stephanie Neff, Babbitt, and Brandon Hancock, Babbitt

Taylor Anderson, Grand Rapids, and Daniel Soular, Grand Rapids

Taylor Olson, Duluth, and Jacob Jones, Duluth

Spencer Bloch, Grand Rapids, and Joyce Shalaby, Chisholm

Hannah Wojtowicz, Duluth, and Adam Waters, Duluth

Kyle Flaten, Eveleth, and Autumn Perreault, Eveleth

Wesley Vickery, Cook, and Cari Saarikoski, Cook

Jerry Garrison, Ironwood, Michigan, and Jamie Garrison, Ironwood, Michigan

Lydia Klaven, Hibbing, and Cavin Beier, Hibbing

Rebecca Sash, Duluth, and Daniel Helms, Duluth

Rachel Schreiner, Embarrass, and Hunter Kimball, Embarrass

Tina Erickson, Plymouth, Minnesota, and Justin Monchamp, Plymouth, Minnesota

Julie Hahn, Duluth, and Eric Johnson, Duluth

John Johnson, Duluth, and Jenny Linder, Duluth

Erika Ehlers, Duluth, and Justin Black, Duluth

Timothy Nelson, Proctor, and Barbara Ostman, Proctor

Wayne Landasy, Duluth, and Natalie Barber, Duluth

Joseph Bergan, Hibbing, and Erin Leppala, Hibbing

Andrew Anderson, Duluth, and Annesa Chastek, Duluth

Derrick Chamberlain, Duluth, and Eric Soderberg, Duluth

Alycia Bear, Bayfield, and Donald Gordon III, Bayfield

Tyler Drieman, Orr, and Patricia McCarthy, Orr

Jennifer Baudeck, Hibbing, and Eric Arndt, Hibbing

Sharon Larson, Duluth, and Hawk Edwards, Duluth

Kristin McKean, Duluth, and Christian Sande, Duluth

Phillip Bacon, Hibbing, and Dawn Christenson, Duluth

Matthew Nelson, Superior, and Alyssa Gazda, Superior

Heather Turk, Forbes, Minnesota, and Bryan Turk, Forbes, Minnesota

Cynthia Olson, Duluth, and Timmy Granquist, Duluth

Kaitlyn Proulx, Duluth, and Maxxton Brenner, Duluth

Robyn Hautala, Duluth, and Barry Brokaw, Superior

Ryan Koster, Maplewood, Minnesota, and Rebecca Haavik, Duluth

Michael Sullivan, Cloquet, and Tabby Skoglund, Cloquet

Robert Bergman, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Christine Zimmer, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dissolutions of marriage

Dustin Hubert, Cloquet and Nicole Hubert, Duluth

Meghan Booker, Duluth, and Jorgen Booker, Duluth

Alex Polling, Duluth, and Megan Polling, Duluth

Anthony Fillman, Hibbing, and Laurie Fillman Buchanan, Duluth

Candace Miller, Cloquet, and Arthur Miller, Alborn

Melissa Hirdler, Duluth, and Chase Hirdler, Duluth

Rachel Phelps-Horton, Duluth, and Michael Phelps-Horton, Duluth

Kendra St. Germaine, Duluth, and Justin St. Germaine, Superior

Katrina Pierson, Duluth, and John Pierson, Hermantown

Autumn Freeman, Duluth, and Brett Freeman, Duluth

Sarah Skafte, Duluth, and Erik Skafte, Duluth

Kristin Henrich, Proctor, and Eric Henrich, Superior

Gabrielle Xiong, Duluth, and Yausnas Xiong, Duluth

Jesse Devich, Duluth, and Jessica Devich, Duluth

Autumn Rilea, Duluth, and Joshua Rilea, Cloquet

Thomas Berrisford, Duluth, and Kimberly Berrisford, Duluth

Adam Warner, Duluth, and Josiah Warner, Duluth

Anna Gybina, Duluth, and Nicholas Sucik, Nisswa, Minnesota

Cailley Thompson-Mullen, Duluth and Phillip Richards, Duluth

Paul Leveille, Duluth, and Kirstie Leveille, Mankato, Minnesota

Nikki Statum, Duluth, and Rajohn Statum, Duluth

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.