Married doctors donate kidneys to complete strangers

A pair of married physicians in Wilmington, Delaware took their oath a step further, by actually giving the gift of life through organ donation.

Video Transcript

- Medical professionals save lives every day by giving up their time and their skills.

- But one local physician couple took that a step further by actually giving the gift of life through organ donation.

- Yeah. Erin O'Hearn joining us now live in studio again with their inspiring story, and it comes just in time for national donate a life month.

ERIN O'HEARN: It sure does. And this couple is inspiring in so many ways, Brian and Shari. Dr. Neil Kaye and Dr. Susan Donnelly have been married for 32 years. They are not only physicians but self-proclaimed adventurists, whether it is flying a helicopter, parasailing, or dressing alike, you can count on them always being in unison. As doctors, they are in the lifesaving business, but wanted to give back in a more personal way.

Now first, here's a sobering statistic. In the United States, 13 people die each day waiting for a kidney. Neil and Susan were thankful for their own good health and wanted all of those people in need to have a similar quality of life they shared. So they decided to donate their kidneys to complete strangers.

SUSAN DONNELLY: Positive feelings that you get from it. Knowing that you have done something so amazingly wonderful for someone else is a gift to you, the donor. Anyone can do this. It's a great feeling.

ERIN O'HEARN: While the decision may feel like a heavy one, Neil never hesitated. As a doctor, he saw firsthand the taxing nature of dialysis.

NEIL KAYE: If you give somebody kidney dialysis anymore. So they get back 20, 30 hours of a week every week to be a parent, be a spouse, be involved in their community, do whatever they want to do.

ERIN O'HEARN: While some people may be intimidated by the procedure, it was done laparoscopically. And both he and Susan spent just one night in the hospital. And in fact, Neil was back on the treadmill in about a week. The generosity runs in the family. Their niece also donated a kidney right before they did. Shari and Brian, such a great story.

- It's just great to know that wonderful giving people, they're out there. This couple is amazing. All right, Aaron.