These Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Will Seriously Up Your S'mores Game

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Nothing feels better than spending quality time in the great outdoors, sharing stories huddled up over a campfire — except maybe eating dessert while you’re there. Hence: The importance of s’mores, and why I personally consider summer to really be “unofficial s’more season.” (Trust me, the concept is underrated.)

And now, with Memorial Day just around the corner, all of our campfire (sweet) dreams are finally coming true, because we’ve discovered that Amazon is selling marshmallow roasting sticks that take the work of finding the perfect stick out of the whole s’mores-making equation, meaning we can get to the oooey-gooey good stuff sooner. Let s’mores season officially begin!

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Ajmyonsp Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

This set of five heavy-duty s’mores skewers isn’t just cute and function, it’s a total steal, too, at just $9.98. Each skewer has a wooden handle that allows you to rotate the prongs from afar, extending from 10 to 34 inches — keeping children (and let’s be honest, adults too) a safe distance from the fire. The skewers come with a variety of bright color rings, so each family member can keep track of their own, and their adjustable size makes for significantly easier storage, too. (Speaking of storage: Have you seen this adorable s’mores caddy?!)

Carpathen Campfire Roasting Sticks

If you’re more of the over-achieving type, you may want to check out this set of six double-pronged s’more skewers, also on Amazon. These allow you to roast two marshmallows at once — or four, if you use both arms. (Really, it just depends on how dedicated you are!) Yes, that’s a challenge. I mean, they are called s’mores…

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So… What are you waiting for? Plan your next camping trip and give these skewers a try. And if you’re not into roughing it in the great outdoors, simply use them for “camping trips” in your backyard and roast marshmallows over your outdoor fire pit. Hey, we won’t judge! S’mores are for everyone.

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