How can Martha McSally claim to be impartial after bragging about her 'liberal hack' rant?

Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

Lest you think Arizona Sen. Martha McSally is having any second thoughts about the manner in which she conducted herself on Thursday, think again.

McSally was on Fox News on Thursday night, positively glowing over her witty comeback to a reporter who had the nerve to ask her a question on a matter of national importance.

McSally told Laura Ingraham she had no regrets about calling CNN’s Manu Raju “a liberal hack.”

“These CNN reporters, there are many of them around the Capitol. They are so biased and they are so cheerleading for the Democrats,” she said. “They so can’t stand the president and they run around trying to ask trapping questions.”

McSally could have acted like a senator

The “trapping question” in question:

“Should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?”

She could have said “yes.” She could have “no.” She could have said “no comment.” She could have said nothing.

She could have acted like a United States senator at an important moment in history when the world is watching. Instead she acted like the schoolyard bully or what passes these days for “presidential.”

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“Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you … You’re a liberal hack, buddy.”

And what do you know? Her team managed to get it all on video, so she could post it to Twitter and use it for a fundraising plea.

Then she went on "The Ingraham Report" and to brag about it.

Shortly after that, she took an oath

“I’m a fighter pilot, you know, I’m telling it like it is. And that’s what you see out of the mainstream media and especially CNN every single day. So, obviously, I’m going to tell the truth. And I did it today, and it’s laughable how they’ve responded.”

Naturally, McSally supporters were giddy about her stunt.

"Liberal scum like you, this just helped her win," wrote a reader named Mark in a response to my column on McSally's stunt.

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"So you lefties are up in arms because a senator doesn’t respond to a question meant to undermine the Republican agenda," wrote Wilson.

No, more just surprised because a senator doesn't understand what really is being undermined here.

The laughable part, of course, isn’t that many in the country gave a collective gasp at McSally’s childish outburst.

It’s that McSally, shortly after her stunt, took an oath to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.”

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