Martha Stewart Shares Her Nightly 'Bad Habit' Bedtime Routine

Wearing nothing but an apron, Martha Stewart stands in her kitchen, au natural, to promote her latest collaboration.

“Oh, hi there,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram. “I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of pumpkin spice from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters … and nothing else … literally”

Green Mountain's new line of autumn-inspired coffees are made sans artificial flavors and Stewart, who turned 81 in August, posted the fun-spirited video to help get the word out.

"I don't drink anything that's artificial," Stewart told TODAY. "I don't generally open cans to take a drink of something. I want to drink fresh-brewed, wholesome, natural."

The lifestyle icon also recently made headlines for the flawless looks she posted as part of the part of the "Teenage Dirtbag" trend on TikTok and Instagram, where people share photos of their grungy teen years.

Even though she didn't exactly follow directions (which typically include posting your less-than-flattering retro looks), the stylish throwback drew rave reviews and thousands of comments paying homage to her timeless fashion sense.

In her newest venture, Stewart pairs with Green Mountain on their natural line of coffees, which include Pumpkin Spice, Maple Pecan and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut flavors, and said that the partnership makes sense: “They make very good coffee,” she told TODAY.

A little extra caffeine might come in handy given Stewart's hectic schedule.

"I have long, long days." she said. And some late nights, too.

One of the most recent was spent at model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss' 30th birthday party, earlier this week which Stewart told TODAY was "so much fun."

"(It's) so unlike anything we've done for the last two and half years because of Covid," Stewart said. "She had a big, big, birthday bash and all the supermodels were there. All the great, young guys were there. It was a very fun party."

No matter how late she gets home, Stewart said there's one thing she always does before turning in for the night: "You must, must, completely clean your face." Then, she said to use whatever creams or lotions necessary to wake up looking your best the next day.

As far as the rest of her bedtime routine goes, Stewart said she's got "a very bad habit."

Instead of watching television (she said she doesn't have a working TV in her bedroom), Stewart plugs in. "I have two iPads next to my bed, fully charged, just in case," she said.

Despite being an insomniac and recognizing that technology is more likely to keep her up then help put her to sleep, Stewart said she uses them to do games, puzzles, read The New York Times and look up anything else she's interested in.

"I do all of that while I'm lying in bed," she said.

As for what keeps her up at night? "I have lots to think about," said Stewart.

Currently occupying her thoughts is the giant plant maze she's installing on her property. "I was thinking about the maze, reading all the book about mazes and the history of mazes," she said.

When the project is complete, Stewart said it will encompass nearly three acres and be big enough to walk her horse through.

She said that she also lies awake at night wondering what she's going to wear to any given event and if there's enough time in the day to accomplish what she needs to do.

"What I am gonna wear? What's my wardrobe for tomorrow?" Stewart said. "And am I going to be able to get everything done in time to do the last thing I have to do in the day?"

Despite getting short-changed in the sleep department, Stewart said she'd rather be busy than not.

"I have a lot to do and, you know what? Luckily I do. What if I had nothing to do today? I don't know what I would possibly be doing."

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