Martin Scorsese records heartfelt address to Ukrainians

Martin Scorsese supported Ukrainians
Martin Scorsese supported Ukrainians

Responsible for critically acclaimed pictures Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and The Departed, among others, Scorsese said that Ukrainians have become “the light of the world.”

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“My dear Ukrainians, I’m sending this message to simply say that you’re not alone,” said Scorsese.

“We admire your courage, your perseverance, resilience, and your extraordinary, remarkable determination in the face of this unspeakable barbarity. In this moment, your strength of spirit is like a light of the world, and I pray that it’s bright enough to guide you through this darkness.”

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In December 2022, Scorsese hosted the Notes from Ukraine concert in New York, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Ukrainian folk song Shchedryk as the Carol of the Bells.

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“I want to offer my deepest respect and gratitude to the Ukrainian people,” the director said at the event.

“Whenever anyone stands up, as bravely as they have, to such extraordinary cruelty and indiscriminate terror, they deserve everybody’s deepest thanks. They provide us with something really precious – an example of humanity at its very best, facing the very worst.”

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