Marvel exhibit lands at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

The "Marvel Universe of Superheroes" has landed at the Museum of Science and Industry, and it's one of the coolest exhibits they've had!

Video Transcript

ROZ VARON: The Marvel Universe of Superheroes has landed at the Museum of Science and Industry. And it is one of the coolest exhibits they've had.

JEFF BUONOMO: We're reopening this weekend, and we're reopening with a bang, with Marvel Universe of Superheroes, which has over 300 costumes, props and artifacts from the franchise.

ROZ VARON: Some of the most popular items include the award winning Black Panther costume, which has the Wakanda alphabet scripted on it. There's plenty of Spider-Man costumes, props and original artwork. And lots of comic book history, from co-creator Stan Lee to the first comic from 1939, where it all started.

You'll see X-Men, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Groot. In fact, there's so much to see here, they had to put it in two galleries.

There's a lot of safety protocols in place. Remember, they're still operating at only 25% capacity. You've got to make timed reservations in advance. Everyone has to wear a mask. And there's plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the exhibit. Wakanda forever!

What is your favorite thing here at the exhibit?

- Probably seeing all of the suits that they actually wore.

- Spider-Man.

- Watching my kids look at the stuff.

- Where I got to be Iron Man.

- Definitely the costumes.

ROZ VARON: This pop culture collection of more than 80 years of Marvel Comics runs through October 24th. Roz Varon, ABC 7, Eyewitness News.