Marvel Legend Stan Lee Can't Read Comics Anymore

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  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee
    American comic book writer (1922-2018)

Stan Lee, the legend behind Marvel, has revealed that he can’t read comic books anymore due to his failing eyesight.

The co-creator of characters including Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, The X-Men and Thor, admitted that while he’s not blind, he can no longer read.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the 93-year-old said: “My eyesight has gotten terrible and I can’t read comic books anymore.

“The print is too small. Not only a comic book, but I can’t read the newspaper or a novel or anything. I can’t even read a script.

“I come up with ideas for stories and somebody writes an outline for me – but I can’t read it.

“I have to hope it’s good. If something is very important, they print it in very big type for me to read – but that’s all I can do. I have the same trouble with hearing. It’s awful to feel a thousand years old.”

“I miss reading 100 per cent.”

Asked what he believed would be the greatest super power, he added: “I always say that luck is the greatest superpower, because if you have good luck, everything goes your way.”

Despite his advancing years, Lee still appears in cameos in the Marvel films and TV series, his next set to be in ‘Deadpool’ (though he did not create the character), playing strip club MC. Check out the trailer below.

He’s recently popped up in Marvel movies including 'Ant-Man’, 'Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and 'Guardians of the Galaxy’.

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Image credits: PA/Rex Features/Disney

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