Mary Trump joins Spotify exodus after Joe Rogan controversy

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Mary Trump has added her name to the list of personalities no longer wanting to be associated with Spotify.

“I’m removing my podcast from @Spotify,” the 45th president’s niece tweeted Wednesday. “I know it’s not a big deal but hope it will be part of a growing avalanche.”

Wednesday’s episode of “The Mary Trump Show,” which is called “#DeleteSpotify,” can still be found on Apple’s download site. Mary Trump said on the program that she, like artists Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren, objects to the streaming platform’s decision to carry “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

She called that show’s host “so moronic it’s painful” and charged that its content is both inaccurate and offensive.

On Twitter, Trump also thanked the aforementioned musicians for their “courage in leading the way.”

With more than 10 million listeners, Spotify counts Joe Rogan as its most listened to personality. The streaming service reportedly lost $4 billion in market value after Young asked that his music be pulled from Spotify.

That began an exodus by subscribers that prompted several online media outlets to post stories telling readers how to remove Spotify from their electronic devices. The company’s stock value saw a 13.5% rebound Monday, but was off to a rough start Wednesday morning.

Rogan made a video addressing the controversy Monday.

“Do I get things wrong?” he said. “Absolutely I get things wrong, but I try to correct them.”