Maryland Boxer Demond Nicholson Is Back To 100% After Kidney Failure, Ready To Fight In April Co-Main Event

It's May 10 2019. His kidneys failed after a weigh-in. He almost died. But the comeback is here and it’s soon to be a knockout.

Video Transcript

- National stage awaits one of Baltimore's most promising fighters.

- Two years ago, Demond Nicholson was battling from kidney failure. And now he's less than two weeks away from a life changing win.

- We love to see it. WJZ Live, Max McGee tells us how perseverance is just the beginning of his story. Hey, Max.

MAX MCGEE: Hi, Rick, Nicole. Demond Nicholson almost died May of 2019 when his body completely shut down on him. Since then, he's been named the ambassador of the National Kidney Foundation while also getting his swagger back in the ring. To be a warrior in the ring is to be one outside of it.

CALVIN FORD: Hey, Will, how long you've been jumping?

MAX MCGEE: Laurel's Demond Nicholson from Upton Boxing is every bit.

CALVIN FORD: All right. You got five more minutes. Five more minutes, Demond.


MAX MCGEE: May 10, 2019, his kidneys failed after a weigh in. He almost died. But the comeback is here and soon to be a knockout.


DEMOND NICHOLSON: My last two fights, I wasn't really 100% still, my body, my mind, everything. But now that I'm 100%, I realize what I put myself through.

CALVIN FORD: Right now, him getting this opportunity is real big because the sky's is the limit if he do his job. Boom, boom, boom.

MAX MCGEE: One of Nicholson's jobs since being sick was being an ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation. He plans to represent them on his shorts and mask.

CALVIN FORD: There you go.

MAX MCGEE: But first, he's all business for this fight.

CALVIN FORD: Yeah. Stop playing. Yeah.

WILL NICHOLSON: His heart, and soul, his mind is focused on this fight.

CALVIN FORD: Come back with the right hand roll.

WILL NICHOLSON: This is the fight that gets him over the hump.

MAX MCGEE: 28 years young.

CALVIN FORD: One two one two.

MAX MCGEE: It's legal assault in the ring. And he's just getting started.

DEMOND NICHOLSON: When I get out that zone, I really just sit down and think about everything that I've been through and everything that I've seen. I'll be like, wow. I'm really a warrior.

CALVIN FORD: One two one two.

DEMOND NICHOLSON: You know what I'm saying? I tell myself that. I'm more proud of myself now than I was then.



MAX MCGEE: All right. Nicholson is mid-flight right now all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada for promotion. After that, he'll fly all the way down to Kissimmee, Florida to be in that bubble for that fight April 24 as the co main event. Brother Tony, put me up on [INAUDIBLE] real quick. Don't get on me too bad Nicole and Rick for the short sleeves. I just wanted to blend in with the tough guys of West Baltimore. That's it.

- Yeah, your arms are not up to par. But we'll let you pass, Max.

- You get a pass, Max. We got you, man. Thank you. Demond of course trains in the same gym Gervonta Tank Davis trains at. Calvin Ford who runs that gym, what they're doing for young men in Baltimore, helping them, it's just tremendous all around.

- It's something those young boys will never forget, someone they'll always have to look up to.

- Yes.

- And we are wishing him the very best in Vegas.