Maryland Farm Bureau Aims To Help Fill Maryland Food Bank

Kristin Danley-Greiner

MARYLAND — To help feed the hungry in Maryland, the Maryland Farm Bureau and the Maryland Food Bank have partnered to launch the #HungerHeroes campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the work that the Maryland Food Bank is doing to help struggling families, strengthen the connection between food and agriculture, and help fill the food bank.

Maryland Farm Bureau has set a goal to raise $10,000 and collect 10,000 pounds of food donations for the food bank through the campaign. A “Hunger Hero” digital badge will be awarded to individuals, organizations and businesses who have made a donation of at least $1,000.

“Our farmers have been actively engaged in the effort to feed hungry and struggling families in Maryland during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Maryland Farm Bureau President Wayne Stafford in a statement. "We’re glad to be officially partnering with the Maryland Food Bank to collect donations to fight the current hunger crisis.”

Carmen Del Guercio, Maryland Food Bank president and CEO said the food bank "appreciates the critical role farmers play in ensuring our ability to support hungry individuals and families amid this public health crisis, especially as the demand for food assistance continues to surge."

To donate to the campaign, visit

To donate to the Maryland Food Bank, visit for more information.

This article originally appeared on the Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch