Maryland State Police To Target Illegal Street Racers In Baltimore County After Crash Earlier This Week

Maryland State Police are cracking down on illegal street racing in Baltimore County after a multi-vehicle crash was reported on I-70 earlier this week.

Video Transcript

DENISE KOCH: There is a new enforcement initiative to combat illegal street racing.

MAX MCGEE: Yeah, Baltimore County police say just this week a crash happened on I-70 after street racers blocked off the highway. WJZ is live tonight.

DENISE KOCH: Kelsey Kushner has more on what police say happened there. Kelsey.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Denise, Max, so police say they've already received over 90 calls about illegal street racing. The most recent incident sent two people to the hospital.

The spotlight is on illegal street racing.

RON SNYDER: The highways are not for racing.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Police say Monday just before 11:30 at night troopers responded to a two-vehicle crash at I-70 West prior to I-695 in Baltimore County. Police say a driver in a Honda CRV was suddenly stopped in the left lane as cars blocked off part of the road for suspected illegal street racing. At the same time, police say a driver behind the wheel of a Ford Focus failed to realize the road was blocked off and failed to stop, rear ending the Honda CRV. Investigators say at least two people were sent to shock trauma for their injuries.

RON SNYDER: Neither of those vehicles were involved in any way of the suspected illegal racing. So that kind of highlights just how dangerous this practice is.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Police say this is the latest example of illegal street racing occurring on Baltimore highways. In 2020, state police received 93 phone calls about illegal racing. And in 2019, they issued 120 citations to motorists.

Now, police say anyone who is caught can face up to $500 in fines and potential jail time. Reporting in Baltimore County, Kelsey Kushner for WJZ.