Maryland Weather: Tornado Warning Issued In Parts Of Region

Maryland Weather: Tornado Warning Issued In Parts Of Region

Video Transcript

- OK, everyone, let's get right to it. We have a tornado warning in Carroll and Frederick counties. Let's get straight to meteorologist Chelsea Ingram for the latest. Chelsea, what's happening?

CHELSEA INGRAM: Well, Max, thank you so much. We do have a tornado warning that has been issued for areas west of Baltimore at this point in time. And right now, it's just a very small sliver of area that is indicated under this red polygon where we are tracking the potential for a tornado. So take a look. Some very heavy rain located just north of Frederick as we check out live Doppler radar. So this is a very intense line of storms that is moving through.

And what I like to do when we're dealing with a situation like this is I like to take you to something called Super Resolution Radar. This gives us a really great idea of what is going on inside the clouds. Now, and interfacing with the National Weather Service, as of right now, there is no report of a tornado that is on the ground. But there is the potential of some spinning within the rain. And that is going to be for some of these areas here.

So we are talking about areas like Emmitsburg and Taneytown just near distant view. But it looks like the worst of the storm has passed to the east of distant view. If you are located in Manchester and West Manheim, you folks are going to be up for this strong line of storms shortly thereafter.

And this is what we want you to do. If you are, indeed, very close to this area, within this red-highlighted polygon, you need to take cover now. Go to a basement or interior room, avoid windows, and make sure you are weather aware at this point in time. If you know some folks that live up there, perhaps they are not watching the news. Give them a call and let them know that this is a very serious and a very dangerous situation.

So we do have a tornado warning that has been issued. And it is in effect until about 5:00 PM. So it is not set to expire for another 12 minutes.

So here's more towns that are within this warn zone. That is going to be Snowden, Bridgeport, Harney, Taneytown. Also looking at Carroll Vista, Arters Mill Estates, Arters Mill, Mount Pleasant, Emmitsburg. So if you are in any of these areas, you need to take immediate cover right now.

And we are also dealing with a severe thunderstorm for areas south of the tornado-warned area. And that does include portions of Frederick, Carroll counties. And this isn't set to expire for another little bit as well.

So let's take you to a look at the bigger picture here with radar. This is a very strong line of storms that's going to be pushing through the region. And it's going to cross, eventually, I-95 as we head into the next, say, 45 minutes to an hour. So we're monitoring this as it moves across the state.

But right now, we do have a tornado warning that has been issued for portions of Carroll as well as Frederick counties. And it is not going to expire until about 5 o'clock. So we're going to continue to keep you updated as more warnings pop up, because it's likely to happen. For now, I will send you back to the regular programming.